Twisty Prisms

Triangular Prisms
1. Triangular Floppy Prism
2. Triangular Mini Prism
3. Triangular Tower Prism
4. Triangular Pocket Prism
5. Triangular Domino Prism
6. Triangular Super Domino Prism
7. Triangular Magic Prism
8. Triangular MasterFloppy Prism
Quadratic Prisms / Cubes / Cuboids
9. Mini Cube
10. Floppy Cube
11. Pocket Cube
Pentagonal Prisms
12. PentaStar Floppy Prism
13. PentaStar Pocket Prism
14. PentaStar Super Pocket Prism
15. Pentagonal Floppy Prism
16. Pentagonal Pocket Prism


Further terminology will be added as needed. These definitions are open for discussion, of course!