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Prof. Dr. Jens Zumbrägel

Universität Passau
Innstraße 33
94032 Passau

Tel. +49 851 509 3133


At University of Passau:

  • Summer 2019: Algebra und Zahlentheorie I · Rings and Modules · Se Theory of Cryptography
  • Winter 2018/19: Basiskurs · Cryptanalysis · Se Endliche Geometrie
  • Summer 2018: Lineare Algebra II · Cryptography
  • Winter 2017/18: Lineare Algebra I · Algebra und Zahlentheorie II
  • Summer 2017: Algebra und Zahlentheorie I · Cryptography

At TU Dresden:

At University College Dublin:

At the University of Zurich I led seminars and exercise classes for the following lectures:

During my diploma studies in Oldenburg I was conducting exercise classes on linear algebra, analysis and stochastics.


An introduction to Fractal Geometry with numerous pictures.

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